“Lucy has been very helpful to me as we have created, revised, and improved our hiring process.  I am excited for the progress we have made and as I stated, it is probably the most easily identifiable ‘win’ for my organization this year!  I am excited to see how 2020 runs since we will have this process fully implemented and in place as we enter our ramp up in a few months.  She has a passion for helping businesses and implementing sustainable processes that allow us to fulfill our mission.”

Tim MorganCEO, Aqua-Tots Swim Schools, VA/TXAqua-Tots Swim Schools
“I started working with Essential Outreach at a critical time for our business. We were under tough time constraints and our marketing plan needed to be well thought out and precise in order to make the impact we needed. Lucy and Jessica were able to quickly understand our goals and our target audience and began to put together a plan. You could tell from all of our interactions that they took the success of my business personally. The marketing campaign was a HUGE success!! It far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Essential Outreach and I am forever grateful for what they did for my business. You ladies ROCK!!”
Derek WorleyFounder/Coach, Impact Baseball Club Impact Baseball Club
“Lucy and her team at Essential Outreach have an absolute heart to serve.  You can tell right away that their desire to deliver for their clients is top priority.  They have created smooth processes that deliver results and they are constantly learning and growing as the world around us changes.  We see a long successful relationship building with the EO team.”
John HillFounder, The Good Contractors ListThe Good Contractors List

One of our needs, at Masters, has been developing a strategic, focused and highly successful Sales program.

Once we targeted our Potential Customers, we needed to secure meetings.

Lucy began in June, concentrating on our top 37 prospects. In just two months, she secured 17 highly productive appointments. These are hard to reach customers, during a difficult summer time frame. 

Lucy’s ability to communicate our story, persuade the Directors to give us time, follow up with Thank You notes and persevere in obtaining the appointments has been outstanding. She also has gone above and beyond, developing, populating and maintaining our CRM.

Because of Lucy’s efforts, we will see over $1,000,000 increase in revenues this coming school year.”

Mike TrullVice President, Masters DistributionMasters Distribution

“I have been in sales for over 40 years and the biggest challenge has always been working to get in front of the prospect. Lucy Pegues has not only perfected the process, but has increased the results exponentially. Her appointment scheduling system and services are amazing and I can absolutely recommend her and Essential Outreach to everyone!”

Randy DraperCEO, Draper Construction & Commercial Roofing, Inc. Draper Construction & Commercial Roofing, Inc.

“I have loved working with Lucy and Essential Outreach for the past year or so.  We had some major needs in our marketing efforts and our business processes.  I initially was looking at Essential Outreach to help me schedule client meetings, now that I know their abilities, I am finding more and more uses because of their expertise.  I now use Essential Outreach for scheduling client meetings, follow up processes, new customer interaction, and so much more…”

Stacey PearsonPresident, Pearson Air and The Gregg Pearson FoundationPearson Air

Let’s Get Growing!

We can’t wait to design a marketing strategy for you!

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